The Ballad of Ned Ludd

A Techno-Folk Opera

  • The Ballad of Ned Ludd January 13, 1812, Johnson arrives in Nottingham, and seeks refreshment in a local pub.

  • General Ludd's Victory March 5, 1812. Thomas inspires the weavers with a call to action!

  • To Mr. Smith, of Huddersfield (Two Thousand Sworn Heroes) . March 10, 1812. Based on an actual letter from the Luddites to a mill owner. [NEW]

  • Tyburn Fair June 11, 1812, Thomas sings his last song.

  • The Golden Past November, 1841. Anne reflects upon happier times.

  • What's a Luddite? October 1994. Is it time to re-examine the legacy of the Luddites?

  • Credits

    All selections comprising The Ballad of Ned Ludd Techno-Folk Opera Copyright (c) 1994 and 1995 by Becknell and Lucas. Dissemination as an 8 khz audio file is allowed, nay even encouraged.

    The performers are:

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