General Ludd's Victory

Engage your tools of oppression for some useful purpose and transfer the audio file for our great leader's anthem, being commonly known to all good people as "General Ludd's Victory"

Honest people, listen to me,
do not fear.
He has no quarrel
with you. He struggles
with the dogs of pomp and breed, who amass their ill-gotten fortunes
on rags from machinery.
Who conspire to fix the price,
of bread, build their profits,
on our misery.

But the tools of these villains,
their knitting frames, and power looms.
Defenseless now, and sentenced to die.

"Weavers!! Spinners!! The Unanimous Vote of Our Trade
has elected General Ludd EXECUTIONER
of all machinery threatening our livelihood.
Therefore, let the CONDEMNED be reduced to SPLINTERS and ASH!
Shedding not a drop of blood.
(I hope and pray...)

Some say Ludd's a Saxon lout,
without regard for order and law.
But that always comes
from the same quarters
as the orders that started it all.

Let the haughty
the humble no longer oppress
then Ludd will sheath his
conquering sword.
When his grievances finally
meet with redress,
then peace will be quickly restored!

...and so all good people
lend us your aid.
And shoulder to shoulder we'll stand.
Until quality work
receives its fair pay.
Until that is the law of the land.

Luddites! let us hear from you..

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