To Mr. Smith of Huddersfield

(Two Thousand Sworn Heroes)

March 10, 1812. "Mr. Smith, a Huddersfield manufacturer" receives a letter of obscure origin. See page 558 of White's "Rise of the English Working Class".

To Mr. Smith of Huddersfield
with you we correspond
from the right hand of General Ludd
its vital that you understand.

We've been informed
that you possess
those shearing frames
that we detest.
And so we give our warning fair
we've no desire to travel there.

Two thousand sworn heroes,
bound together.

Now pull them down
and if you don't
we'll be marching there,
don't think we won't.
And if you delay
soon we'll rally in your yard
and break your frames
and torch them (hard).

Two thousand sworn heroes,
bound together.

And if you dare to fire upon
the General's men, they'll
just march on,
To your dwelling place and
your family, believe me friend,
you don't have long.
They'll murder you,
and burn your home,
penniless Mrs. Smith will die alone.

[Laissez faire economy
progress comes to history.
Don't read no books
or dig no graves,
we're getting better
wave by wave.
Laissez faire economy--
work will surely set you free.]

Luddites! let us hear from you..

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