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What to Listen for in Music--Introduction

Welcome to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., where in this ARTSEDGE lecture you'll hear Dr. Michael Broyles, distinguished professor of music at Pennsylvania State University share his knowledge and understanding of Classic and Romantic music in a six part lecture series entitled "What to Listen for in Music".

Before You Begin

Dr. Broyles' lectures comprise several hours of audio. To hear the entire lectures select the hypertext highlighted title near the top of each page. These selections are mostly seven to twenty minutes in duration. On many pages, you can continue to the next segment, or go back to the previous segment by using the blue arrows. Below the arrows a link to the Subject Index and Master Audio Glossary is provided.

At the top of each page is the IMS audio format selector. Choose your audio format using the rectangular buttons-- the format you have selected is in red on the depressed button. Once you have chosen your favorite audio format, your audio selections will continue to be in that format throughout "What to Listen For in Music" without further action on your part. If you wish to change formats, go to the top of any page and select your new audio format.

In addition to the lectures, Short "Audio Glossary" entries are provided at the bottom of many pages to help you understand musical terminology. "Questions and Footnotes" are short segments of Dr. Broyles lectures where he responds to the lecture attendees at the Kennedy Center, or gives information tangential to the main subject.

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