Simple Internet Protocol Plus (SIPP)

SIPP Overview

The Simple Internet Protocol Plus (SIPP) is one of the candidates being considered by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for the next version of the Internet Protocol (the current version is usually referred to as IPv4).

SIPP is a new version of IP which is designed to be an evolutionary step from IPv4. It is a natural increment to IPv4. It can be installed as a normal software upgrade in internet devices and is interoperable with the current IPv4. Its deployment strategy is designed to not have any flag days or other dependencies. SIPP is designed to run well on high performance networks (e.g. ATM) and at the same time is still efficient for low bandwidth networks (e.g. wireless). In addition, it provides a platform for new internet functionality that will be required in the near future.

A short overview of SIPP.

SIPP includes a transition mechanism, called IPAE, which is designed to allow users to adopt and deploy SIPP in an a highly diffuse fashion and to provide direct interoperability between IPv4 and SIPP hosts.

The transition of a new version of the Internet Protocol must be incremental, with few or no critical interdependencies, if it is to succeed. The SIPP transition allows the users to upgrade their hosts to SIPP, and the network operators to deploy SIPP in routers, with very little coordination between the two.

The highlights of the SIPP Transition Mechanisms.

SIPP White Paper

A complete overview of SIPP and the motivations behind it can be found in the SIPP Whitepaper.

SIPP Working Group

The SIPP working group is an IETF working group chartered to develop the SIPP protocol as one of the proposals for Next Generation IP.

The working group is chaired by Steve Deering / Xerox PARC, Robert Hinden / Sun Microsystems, and Paul Francis / NTT.

The SIPP working group represents the evolution of three different IETF working groups focused on developing an IPng.

To join the SIPP working group send mail to The archive for the working group can be found at in the pub/sipp directory.

SIPP Specifications

A listing of current SIPP specifications organized by function.


There are may groups in the SIPP working group building implementations. A summary of the current SIPP implementations.

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