Cliff Stoll's Performance Art Theater and Networking Security Revue

Cliff Stoll's
Performance Art Theater and
Networking Security Revue

A Cliff Stoll Soundbyte

Clifford Stoll, Author, gave a stunning performance at Cisco NetWorkers '94 on "Stalking the Wily Hacker." Network security is one of the most compelling issues facing the world of information technology. This encore presentation tells the story of how the discovery of a 75-cent accounting error led to an electronic chase of an unauthorized hacker across the networks of North America and Europe, ultimately uncovering a KGB spy ring.

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  1. Hi, Cliff!
  2. Um, Um, Um, Far Out!
  3. What do you do?
  4. Let the bastard in.
  5. I didn't know any better.
  6. Doing science.
  7. DIY.
  8. Buy this book.
  9. Steal this camera.
  10. Decaf versus Jolt.
  11. Zero-budget security.
  12. Zero-expertise security.
  13. How to do useful work without getting fired.
  14. Zero-mandate security.
  15. Doing more science.
  16. Doing astronomy with boat anchors.
  17. Impossible abberations.
  18. Cliff becomes an accountant.
  19. Prehistoric networks.
  20. Enter Mr. Hunter.
  21. Who is this guy?
  22. The Great Printer Hunt.
  23. The printers migrate.
  24. Star wars.
  25. The vigil.
  26. Meet Marcus.
  27. The end is the middle.
  28. Watch that budget line.
  29. 75 cents!?
  30. The Air Force.
  31. Back to the Air Force.
  32. Meet the NSA (maybe).
  33. Alphabet soup.
  34. Follow that masked man.
  35. Discovery thyself.
  36. The shoemaker's kids.
  37. You never know where the shadow goes.
  38. The librarians.
  39. The trace.
  40. Water conservation.
  41. Rule Number 2.
  42. More data!
  43. Dear, Sir.