Mohammed Abdelilah, Marriott Corporation
Jim Aiken, Sue Fischer and Company Catering
Wendy and Serge Albert, Tempo Restaurant
Ann Amernick, Ann Amernick Pastry
Melissa Ballinger, Clyde's
Peter Barich, Afterwords Cafe
Geoffrey Blythe, Dixie Grill
Riccardo Bosio, Duca di Milano
Russell Bradshaw & Tiziano Orsetti, Louise's Trattoria
Chris Britton, Odyssey Cruises
Terry Brown, Belmont Kitchen
Jeffrey Buben, Vidalia
Timothy Buma, Panevino
Tim Campion, Capitol City Brewing Company
Yannick Cam, Provence
John Cochran, Rupperts
Michael Congrove, Well Dunn Catering
Chris Cunningham, American University
Roberto Donna, Galileo/I Matti/Il Radicchio/Arucula
John Dornbush, Coeur de Lion at the Henley Park
Sang Ek, The Palm
Edmond Foltzenlogel and Lesley Blakey, Le Caprice
Mark Furstenburg, Marvelous Market
David Hagedorn, Trumpets
Greggory Hill, Gabriel
Robert Holmes, B. Smith's
Patrick Huggins, Southern Hemisphere
Kate Jensen, Firehook Bakers
Matthew Lake, New Heights
Dominique Leborgne, Le Palais du Chocolat
Susan Lindeborg
Richard Mahan, Morrison-Clark Inn
Dennis Marcinik, Metro Center Grille
Gordon Marr, Washington Hilton and Towers
Dave Mason, Madeo
Brian McBride, Melrose at the Park Hyatt
Rick Michner, Sfuzzi
Jack Miranda, Cottonwood Cafe
Scott Monfils,  Tom-Tom
Peter Moutsos, West End Cafe
Darren Norris, Xing Kuba
Patrick O'Connell, Inn at Little Wshington
Kaz Okochi, Sushi-Ko
Jean-Louis Palladin, Jean Louis at the Watergate
Alan Palmer, Dean and Deluca
Jim Papovich, Bistro 2015
Nora Pouillon, Restaurant Nora/Asia Nora
Peter Regas, Garden Cafe at the State Plaza
Francesco Ricchi, I Ricchi
Mary Richter
Andrew Roche, Jefferson Hotel
Karen Ryan, Tabard Inn Restaurant
Jeff Shively, Lombardy Hotel
David Smith, Food & Friends
Lou Statzer, Uptown Bakers
Sam Steward, Perry's Restaurant
Alison Swope, Sante Fe East
Benny Tell, DC Central Kitchen
Randy Tilli, Bittersweet Catering

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