Tour de France

Enjoy a tour of the various regions of France, brought to you by the Embassy of France in Washington D.C. and the Internet Multicasting Service. Many thanks to the French Government Tourist Office for rights to use artwork and text originally published in the 1994 France Discovery Guide.

  • Learn French with Radio France International
  • Visit the French Ministry of Culture's Painting Exhibition

  • Pick Your Travel Destination!

  • Alsace
  • Champagne-Ardenne
  • Côte d'Azur
  • Eastern France
  • Loire Valley: Royal Chateaux Country
  • Normandy
  • Paris: Ile-de-France
  • Provence
  • Rhone-Alpes
  • Southwestern France

  • For More Information

      General Information on Travel in France

      French Tourist Office
      444 Madison Ave
      New York, NY 10020-2452
      Phone: (1) (212) 838-7800

      The Embassy of France
      4101 Reservoir Road, N.W.
      Washington, D.C. 20007
      Phone: (1) (202) 944-6000
      Email: Information Office (

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