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This is your digital equivalent of a pledge drive. We're a non-profit "radio station" on the Internet. To simulate public radio during this fundraising drive, simply press your "Reload" button for this page over and over and over and over.

Really. We're serious. The Internet Multicasting Service is a public cyberstation. We're dedicated to building public parks for the global village by adding to the core of public data, software, standards, and other widely available technology that makes an infrastructure like the Internet work. Our programs range from government databases to telephone companies to radio stations to restaurants to a university. In 1995, our programming will go 24 hours per day, including Monitor Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Radio France International. Live programming will include the National Press Club Luncheons, as well as programs from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and gavel-to-gavel coverage of the floor of the U.S. House and Senate.

Your support will help us keep going in 1995. Our corporate and government sponsors have been very generous, but to keep up the level of programming we've got planned, we need your help! If we continue to avoid bankruptcy court we'll be thrilled and even meet our short-term financial goal of making nothing (let alone our long-term goal of being worth nothing!).

We're a tax-exempt non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. tax code and your contribution is tax deductible.

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The Internet Multicasting Service
Suite 1155, National Press Building
Washington, D.C. 20045

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    We're closely tracking payment mechanisms by the network, including the use of PGP to encrypt a credit card number, secure HTTP, and other digital cash solutions. We'll be working hard over the next few months to give you additional ways of parting with your hard-earned money.

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