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United Nations' 50th Anniversary

Closing Ceremony

San Francisco Opera House

10 am, June 26, 1995


Procession of the Ambassadors

The Opera de Lyon Symphony, conducted by Kent Nagano plays a processional as 100 UN Ambassadors walk past the Charter and proceed to their seats.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Opening Prayer

President of the General Assembly

Video Segment: Building the UN

The world conditions that caused the United Nations to be formed, the roles of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman and the importance of San Francisco in the formation of the United Nations.

David Brinkley

Secretary General Boutros-Ghali

Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Video Segment: Fifty Years of Accomplishments

A graphical treatment of the words of the charter with archival footage highlighting UN accomplishments.

U.S. Ambassador Albright

Musical Interlude

The San Francisco Opera Artists and Chorus with soloists from the Opera Center and the Scarborough School Concert Choir from Canada with the Orchestra of the Opera de Lyon conducted by Kent Nagano.

Maya Angelou

Walter Cronkite

U.S. Secretary of State Christopher

President William Clinton

President William Clinton

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