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This program features JOSEPH ROMM, Special Assistant for Policy and Planning to the Deputy Secretary of Energy. As Executive Director of the Pollution Control and Waste Minimization Board, Dr. Romm has had the opportunity to work with numerous American corporations and organizations to manage their energy use and waste by-products. His discovery -- that better planning actually results in increased profits -- is described in his latest book, "LEAN & CLEAN".

Moira also speaks with DAVID ROSSIN, former Assistant Secretary of Energy. As one of the contributors to the National Energy Policy Plan currently being developed by the Department of Energy, Dr. Rossin talks about the purpose of the plan itself, and addresses his area of specific expertise: nuclear power. While nuclear energy has remained out of the headlines and no new power plants have been built in decades, nuclear power plants continue to supply a substantial portion of American energy. Americans who thought that this technology has been retired are mistaken.

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