The First Virtual Reality Wedding

In this edition of TechNation, Monika Liston and Aimee Rosewall, of CyberMind Virtual Reality Centers. Monika will soon become the world's first virtual reality bride, with the help of Aimee, the world's first virtual reality wedding coordinator. They discuss the cutting edge technology which has been developed for this event, and how it will actually work. Of course, this also includes the world's first cyberkiss, all staged in the Lost City of Atlantis.

Moira also speaks with Michael Ty and John Fals. Michael is the Executive Chef of the Sheraton Desert Inn in Las Vegas, Nevada, while John is the Executive Chef/Owner of the White Oak Plantation in Louisiana. They are also, respectively, the out-going and in-coming Presidents of the American Culinary Federation. John is also the host of a popular PBS series on Louisiana cooking. They talk about the technological aspects of professional kitchens, the challenge of cooking for school lunches and their own experience as professional chefs in our changing world.

Barry Evans' perspective on today's program is called "Gateway to America".

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