The End of Linear Thinking

Dr. Moira Gunn talks with Kevin Kelly, executive editor of Wired magazine, on his new book "Out of Control: The Rise of Neo- Biological Civilization." Kevin compares the biological behavior of nature to human-built systems. From his unique position, he discusses the speed at which our society is changing and how we are moving from a hierarchical approach where someone is in charge to an apparently disorganized approach, like a beehive, where everyone does a part but nobody bgcolor="#FFFFFF" sees the whole picture.

Dr. Gunn also speaks with Doug Engelbart, director of the Bootstrap Institute and the person who holds the patent on the mouse. Dr. Engelbart's early work includes the first use of many of the personal computer techniques we take for granted today -- accessing multiple windows, editing text on screen, moving a cursor with a mouse, and others. Dr. Engelbart discusses his early experiences and offers a view of where he thinks we are heading with the information age.

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