Inside Computers and Technology in Eastern Europe

In this program, Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with John Hennessy, a professor at Stanford University, and David Patterson, professor at the University of California at Berkeley, on their new book "Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface." Labeled as tremendous "rivals" by the New York Times, these friends have paired again to bring a book which describes the inner workings of computers. The book is cleverly written to make it useful to readers at all levels, and everyone from novices to computer professionals can use it to learn what makes computers work.

Also on this program, Dr. Gunn speaks with Esther Dyson. Described by "Wired" magazine as possibly the most powerful woman in computing, her exclusive RELease 1.0 newsletter is coveted by CEOs and high-level computer experts internationally. A limited group of subscribers get to attend her annual conference, where those select few "network" in the human sense of the word. She also offers insights into the technology business in Eastern Europe and the future of American technological business in the next decade.

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