IMS: Fusion Confusion, TechNation

Fusion Confusion

The "confusion about fusion" is examined. Dr. Moira Gunn asks Dr. Norman Rostoker, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of California, Irvine, to describe the various approaches which are being researched to achieve nuclear fusion, as well as the government funding situation. Dr. Rostoker represents a national coalition of Alternate Fusion Researchers and discusses the current situation vis-a-vis government funding for research.

Moira also speaks with one of these researchers, Dr. Bodan Maglich, President of Advanced Research Corporation, on his aneutronic fusion technology which uses Helium-3 as fuel in a collider environment and the success which he has had.

Finally, Moira discusses the implications of this technology from an environmental standpoint with Harry Hamlin. With a long-standing record on environmental issues, the actor Hamlin discusses the wide- ranging support for this technology, the global implications of using this technology, and how it could change our lives.

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