Gambling Meets Technology

Moira Gunn speaks with Howard Schwartz, marketing director of the Gambler's Book Club and the Gambler's Book Shop. "Gambler's" offers the largest selection of books and reference materials on gambling and is used by government agencies, movie productions, private companies, and gamblers of every level of expertise. In fact, 85 percent of its customers have never been to the shop -- they use the catalogue and order from around the world. Ms. Gunn and Mr. Schwartz talk about how gambling has changed with technology, about con games, and more.

Joining Ms. Gunn and Mr. Schwartz is Jim Bayle, president of Sportstat. Sportstat offers information and analysis on thoroughbred horse racing. The collection and analysis of information on the current status of over 1,000 thoroughbreds is only possible with the recent availability of computers, and is really only useful now that races from around the world can be simulcast to many locations. Mr. Bayle discusses the phenomenal facilities at the Hilton Sports Book, what's happening at racetracks, and the Kentucky Derby. (His horse lost.)

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