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Dr. Glenn Seaborg, Scientist

Dr. Moira Gunn interviews Dr. Glenn Seaborg, a Nobel Laureate and Former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. Currently a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley and Chairman of the Lawrence Hall of Science, Dr. Seaborg reminisces about his years with the Berkeley "Rad Lab Gang," discovering Plutonium, and his work on the Manhattan Project.

Dr. Seaborg discusses his views on the use of radioactive materials and his interest in some new research which would permit nuclear fusion without the use of radioactive fuel. Dr. Seaborg also talks about his work with the Presidential Education Commission which produced the seminal report "A Nation at Risk." A long time teacher of Chemistry and former Chancellor of the University, he speaks out on the problems with teaching science and technology in our schools.

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