Victims of Technology

Moira Gunn speaks with Don Sellers, documentary filmmaker and author of "ZAP! How your computer can hurt you -- and what you can do about it." Mr. Sellers discusses the aspects of using personal computers that can affect health, the problems with using new technology before its impact is fully understood, and the pros and cons of legislation aimed at ensuring that computer users are protected. Dr. Gunn also speaks with Lauren Wiener. An accomplished technical writer, Ms. Wiener has written a book called "Digital Woes -- why we should not depend on software." She recounts such tales as the private programmer "alarms" that almost halted the first Apollo moon landing and the design and perception problems with the radar system in the USS Vincennes that resulted in the destruction of a civilian passenger aircraft. Ms. Wiener discusses the incredible amount of software that surrounds individuals in their homes and the problems that can be anticipated in using modern domestic technology.

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