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Power Lines and Nintendo

Moira Gunn speaks with Paul Brodeur, author of "The Great Power Line Cover-Up", a book about how the utilities and the government are trying to hide the cancer hazards posed by electromagnetic fields. Brodeur discusses the basic reasons why this exposure is unhealthy, the problems that have been found, and the groundswell of citizen response to the severity of the problem. Of special interest is the fact that many schools in the United States are near power lines because the land is less expensive; this increases the electromagnetic exposure of schoolchildren -- a particularly vulnerable group.

Dr. Gunn also speaks with David Sheff. Author of "Game Over: Nintendo zapped an American industry, captured our dollars, and enslaved your children," Sheff discusses how and why Nintendo appeals to children, as well as how the video game industry started in America. While American companies remained in disarray, a Japanese company captured the market. Listeners will learn about the comprehensive marketing plan Nintendo used to encourage demand for their product, and about how the company turned a lawsuit judgment against them into a marketing opportunity that only boosted sales.

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