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Opposition to the Technology Initiative

Dr. Gunn interviews Dr. T.J. RODGERS, President and CEO, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation on his testimony before Congress opposing the Clinton/Gore technology initiative. On March 25, 1993, Dr. Rodgers presented his own testimony and the written statements of 10 other Silicon Valley CEOs and businessmen, expressing grave convern about the Technology Initiative. Moira met with him in his offices in San Jose, California.

An editorial outlining Dr. Rodgers' position was published in the Monday, April 12th edition of the Wall Street Journal. Copies of the Technology Initiative may be obtained by calling the White House Office of Science and Technology at (202) 456-7116 or by writing to the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Executive Office of the President, Room 424, the Old Executive Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20500.

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