SoundBytes, Volume 3

These carefully crafted audio sequences are brought to you by the Internet Multicasting Service.

  • "Could you repeat the question?" When you feel like grunting, let your computer be your user interface. 11.5 Seconds.
  • Rock Lick. 0.9 Seconds.
  • Snare. Drum solo for a nanosecond world. 0.9 Seconds.
  • Sorry. Logana is getting impatient with this no coverage stuff. Grab a shovel and help out. 4.4 Seconds.
  • Spend. This one is the official motto of the Internet Multicasting Service. 3.6 Seconds.
  • "Thank You For Using TPC.INT" 4.9 Seconds.
  • Violin. An exclamation. 1.5 Seconds.
  • Its Dimensionally Transcendental." Hats off to Dr. Who for the appropriate answer to theoretical questions. 2.9 Seconds.
  • "Just Make a Wish!" Think of Logana as your fairy godmother. Kind of like "I Dream of Jeannie" but without the fine acting. 3.0 Seconds.
  • "Yes! Yes!" Logana becomes your auto-sycophant. 3.4 Seconds.
  • "I can do that." Logana gives your application a positive attitude. You may want to have this ready when your boss comes around asking questions. 2.0 Seconds.
  • File Not Found. What can we say? 2.5 Seconds.
  • Confusing, Isn't It? Logana can't help you solve this one. Don't worry, though! By next year, all this stuff will be easy to use. Well, in five years for sure. 2.5 Seconds.
  • Itt came from Cyberspace! And, Logana noticed that Itt was holding a copy of the book "How to Serve People." 5.4 Seconds.
  • Interlude. 1 Minute 45.5 Seconds.