Vietnam War

The report was produced by Monitor Radio and originally broadcast in April of 1993. Rebroadcast of Monitor Radio is made possible by the Internet Multicasting Service and our sponsors.

Teaching About the War

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The war in Vietnam had a powerful influence on the generation of Americans who came of age in the 1960s. Some who entered adulthood at that time believe that the war destroyed their generation, making them cynical and distrustful of government. For others, including President Bill Clinton, it spawned political activism that has remained with them into adulthood. But for many of today's teenagers and young adults, the war is merely a vague chapter in history. For American history teachers, Vietnam is a daunting subject to teach. Monitor Radio's John Rudolph explores how young Americans are learning about the war and the difficult times their parents lived through.

The Cultural Legacy

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It's been nearly two decades since the last American ground troops pulled out of Vietnam, marking the end of one of the most painful episodes in United States foreign and military policy. Since then, Americans have been trying to make sense of the war and its aftermath, with the help of thousands of books, songs, magazine articles, and art exhibits. Many of these are works of fiction, several of which are assembled in a collection kept in Philadelphia. Monitor Radio's John Rudlolph prepared this report on John Bakey, a Vietnam Veteran who curates an archive of more than 6,000 documents at LaSalle University.

The Anti-War Movement Today

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For years, United States military veterans of the Vietnam war complained that their countrymen and women had failed to adequately recognize the sacrifices they made for their country. That feeling began to fade in 1982 when the Vietnam Veterans memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, some former antiwar activists say the nation has never acknowledge the role they played in bringing the war to an end. Monitor Radio's John Rudolph talks to some anti-war demonstrators, who remain bitter about that era of their lives and the country's history

Vietnamese in America

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In the 20 years since the Vietnam war ended, approximately a million Vietnamese have emigrated to the United States. For many, the transition to this country's way of life has been remarkably smooth. But more recent Vietnamese immigrants have faced greater challenges and are having a tougher time adjusting to life in the United States. Elizabeth Rollins reports from Los Angeles on how refugees from Vietnam fare in this country.

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