The Red Sage restaurant in Washington D.C. was created from the ground up to convey a sense of the American West. Mark Miller & the Red Sage The chairs, tables, even the light fixtures were selected or even designed personally by Mark Miller. "Every single image is a part of America's own design history. To create a restaurant that had as its focus 'to be from America' took a lot of effort." Most of the elements are the handiwork of fine craftsman. There's a directness about the West "We wanted to bring that spirit of the West, that verve that kind of boldness that you need to have as a personality in the West."

At the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Miller says they use Mexican, Hispanic, and Native American, as well as the influence of the predominant culture in America today, Cowboy Bold which is referred to as "Anglo" in the Southwest. In these restaurants, they turn up the "heat" a notch. That means more chilis, more jalapeños, more rotisserie cooking---lamb, and goat, and lots of real hardwood cooking fires. But Miller calls this "Western" not "Southwestern" cuisine.

Wild morel quesadilla, cold soup of avocado flavored with lemon grass and served with a spiced turkey and venison empañada; these are some of I like things that have a clash the items on the menu at the Red Sage. Game meats on the menu include buffalo and ostrich. Ostrich? Mark Miller informs us that it is low in fat Our style of desserts and cholesterol, and much healthier than chicken. He carries this same adventurous but health conscious attitude over to the dessert tray as well.

Today, Mark Miller Washington's Future is not only providing an opportunity for new experiences to his patrons, but he's learning from them too. He feels the Red Sage has matured and with his new We found our own soul, our own voice executive chef, Randal Water, formerly of Dallas' Mansion on Turtle Creek, the Red Sage is poised to become a Washington institution.

The Rakú, an Asian Diner will be a radical departure from Miller's past upscale restaurants. Street Foods of Asia

Are you ready for food on a stick?

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