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Young Artist Showcase

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is pleased to be participating in this special year-long event that will reach students, teachers, and families throughout the world. The Internet 1996 World Exposition has been designed to demonstrate what we can all look forward to in the global village of the future -- and it is important that the arts are well-represented in this vision.
Achievement in the arts is not limited by access to private instructional models or to inherited genes. Many of our nationís finest performing artists became interested in their medium and developed initial skills as a result of basic arts education programming in their local school or community center. Our purpose here is to provide recognition for the valuable role of the arts in education among young people throughout the United States.

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The Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network supports the commitment of current national and state level education reform efforts to ensure the arts are a core subject area in the education of every child (kindergarten through 12th grade). In addition to the Kennedy Center Education Departments long-standing effort to provide opportunities for students, teachers, and adult audiences to work directly with artists, the ARTSEDGE network is pioneering the use of technology-based applications to enrich the synergy between the arts and education.
The Kennedy Center continues to benefit from collaborations with the Internet Multicasting Service which, in addition to this site, has also assisted with the development of Web-based multimedia resources drawn from the Centers rich and diverse performing arts resources. The Kennedy Center also appreciates the contributions of the state Alliances for Arts Education and other Kennedy Center state designates, as well as the Sho wcase Panel for reviewing and ranking nominees.

Young Performing Artists Directory

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