Duke Ellington

Edward Kennedy (Duke) Ellington began as a stride pianist, and matured into a composer/arranger who was comfortable in a wide range of ensembles from piano and bass duo, to large orchestras. In 1927 his band became house band at the Cotton Club, a position he kept for five years. His popular hits like "Satin Doll" and "Mood Indigo" provided a firm financial base, allowing him to have musicians available to try out his arrangements at all times. He was an influence to others with his unique melodic gifts, his harmonic innovations, and his daring use of odd intervals. He demonstrated how well swing worked with the most contemporary jazz styles of the generation which followed him. (b. 4/29/1899 Washington, D.C., d. 5/24/74 New York)

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Duke Ellington appeared on cover of Time magazine on August 20, 1956.

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