A Radio History of the Telephone

"HELL'S BELLS: A Radio History of the Telephone" shows what happens when good government meets great production. This 8-part series was sponsored by the Telecommunications Education Trust established by the California Public Utilities Commission and was produced by Gregg McVicar and Pacific Multimedia for Western Public Radio. One of the most exciting radio series IMS has seen, HELL'S BELLS is a fascinating glimpse into the history of telecommunications and has great relevance for those interested in the future of the Internet.

"HELL'S BELLS: A Radio History of the Telephone" is "c" and "p" 1993, Pacific Multimedia, All Rights Reserved. Funds for the development of this series were provided by the Telecommunications Education Trust, established by the California Public Utilities Commission.

California non-profits seeking tapes or transcripts should contact the TET Repository, Consumer Action, 116 New Montgomery Street, # 233, San Francisco, California, 94105. Attn: Tony Pettinato. Fax: +1-415-777-5267. All others seeking tapes or transcripts may purchase them through the producers at Pacific Multimedia, P.O. Box 172, Walnut Creek, CA 94597-0172, Fax: +1-510-938-2850.

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Hell's Bells is brought to you by the Internet Multicasting Service and our sponsors.

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