Dr. Erik Huizer

Carl Malamud interviews Dr. Erik Huizer of SURFnet BV, a network service provider in the Netherlands. Dr. Huizer, in addition to his duties for network development of SURFnet is the Area Director in the Internet Engineering Steering Group for the Applications Area. Applications in the IETF includes key topics such as resource discovery.

In this interview, Carl Malamud and Dr. Huizer cover a wide range of topics, including the future of messaging systems in a multiprotocol world and the role of the PTT. Dr. Huizer goes on to discuss the internationalization of the Internet and the future of the European Multiprotocol Backbone (EMPB).

Also in this episode of Geek of the Week are three featurettes. The Incidental Tourist features Freeling's classic books. Name that Acronym features an obscure and, for most engineers, arcane acronym to reverse engineer. Book Byte has a review of a book on Obfuscated C.

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