Mike Schwartz

Carl Malamud interviews Mike Schwartz, widely regarded as one of the most influential of the researchers working in the area known as resource discovery. Mike talks about netfind, his flexible, non-centralized white pages tool and about several other of his research efforts that attempt to measure empirically the types of services used and the nature of growth on the Internet, as well as his thoughts on how we will find information in a multi-protocol, multi-country, multi-purpose Internet.

This interview was originally released by mistake on January 5 when we were "off the air." We forgot to notify our handy-dandy spooling script that we were on a break and it grabbed this file and sent it out into the stratosphere. Since many of you took us at our word that we weren't shoving data into the network, we wanted to release this interview since Schwartz is certainly one of the more fascinating Geeks we've seen.

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