Communications Revolution

The Telecommunications Radio Project is pleased to announce the return of its award winning radio series, the Communications Revolution. The Communications Revolution kicks off its fourth season beginning Tuesday, July 5th, 1994 with a look at Vanishing Privacy in the Information Age.

The Communications Revolution is a weekly, hour-long program that begins with a short documentary exploring a critical aspect of the technology debate. This documentary is followed by an in-studio panel discussion with experts in the field of telecommunications policy and politics. We then open up our phone lines to our listeners. Our toll free call-in number for the 1994 season is 800/848-2298.

Communications Revolution is a production of the Telecommunications Radio Project and KPFA Radio. All files are copyright 1994. License for playing these files as 8khz audio on the Internet are granted provided that no commercial use of and no derivative works are made of the material. All programs are approximately one hour.