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Norway: A European and Atlantic Nation with a Global Outlook

The King of Norway took a global view at a Club luncheon last week, including a reminder that the U.S. is delinquent in its financial obligation to the UN.

King Harald V said, although Norwegian votes had twice rejected by small margins integration with the European Union, we "continue to conduct a policy of close cooperation with the EU." In addition, said the royal visitor, in areas of foreign and security policies, "Norway has a bilateral arrangement for political consultations with the EU."

Representing a founding member of NATO, the King listed areas where NATO faces new challenges: international terrorism and crime, the spreading of mass destruction weapons, nuclear contamination, nationalistic and ethnic conflicts and serious environmental problems. He urged that "Russia must also...be included in the dialogue on the future security architecture in Europe."

The visiting monarch chided the U.S. implicitly about its indebtedness to the UN, saying, "We regret that so many countries are behind in their payment and we are concerned about proposals that could further erode the financial viability of the world organization."

An avid sailor, King Harald rejected a possible challenge for the America Cup: "We can make fools of ourselves more cheaply."

National Press Club Record, Volume XLV, No. 41. November 9, 1995.

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