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We Are Much More than Just a Farm Department

"We are much more than just a farm department," said Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture, to the Oct. 18 NPC luncheon. In fact, he declared, he has asked Congress to change the name to the Department of Food and Agriculture. He then went on to recount some of the achievements made by his organization of 100,000 employees, which includes more scientists who have won awards for their work than any other government agency. Among them, he related, USDA was responsible for making penicillin commercially viable. And, he noted, the school lunch program is one of USDA's proudest accomplishments. However, their greatest and most important successes, he said, have been in water and soil conservation.

His job, he offered, is to change the image of USDA and to bring the agricultural community into the 21st Century by changing its focus as commodity prices become less relevant.

The nine-term Kansas Democrat from Wichita who lost his seat in the 1994 Republican Congressional landslide, reported that he will hold his own public, nonpartisan forums on the farm bill currently before Congress because of the lack of public Congressional hearings. These, he stated, will be held during the week of Oct. 30.

National Press Club Record, Volume XLV, No. 39. Oct. 26, 1995.

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