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Partisan Bickering Harms Foreign Policy

Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III, addressing the Oct. 11 NPC luncheon, shared lessons he learned during his tenure as Secretary of State. "Diplomacy is a continuation of politics on a different level, and foreign policy has been radically transformed by technological developments, especially in the communications field," Baker said. He emphasized that personalities and idiosyncrasies of leaders remain decisive in shaping international affairs.

On the conflict in Bosnia, Baker believes that the U.S. should provide technology, air, naval and logistic support. Europe should provide ground forces.

When asked whom he favors for the Republican presidential nomination he replied, "There are many good Republicans who have worked hard for the nomination; I will support the candidate of my party." As for his political future, he has no plans to run for public office. He said he is content practicing law in Texas. Baker claims that with the American people, lawyers are at the bottom of the pile alongside members of Congress, union leaders and, some would say, journalists. He said, "When people ask me what I do these days, I no longer say I'm a lawyer, I say I'm a politician."

National Press Club Record, Volume XLV, No. 37. Oct. 11, 1995.

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