Bob Kerrey

Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey added his voice to those who contend that continuous bashing of the federal government helped create an atmosphere in which the Oklahoma City bombing could occur. He told a questioner after his Club luncheon address that conservative talk radio hosts feed "junk and garbage" to their listeners because they must constantly appeal to commercial advertisers seeking to largest possible audience. "Political appeals to white, male gun owners as victims of government oppression can unintentionally provide a silent refuge for right-wing extremists who believe that violence is a reasonable means to reach a justifiable goal," the Nebraska Senator said. "We have all been too reluctant to voluntarily censure a rising tide of violent expression pounding wave after wave into the living rooms of American households in the form of entertainment, news and political commentary." Kerrey proposed that the federal government offer $40 billion per year for five years to communities prepared to sign five-year performance contracts to improve educational facilities in their localities. The National Press Club Record Volume XLV, No. 17, May 4, 1995.

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