Carol M. Browner

In her April 20, 1995, luncheon remarks, Carol M. Browner, Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, urged Americans "to rejoice on the 25th anniversary of Earth Day in the progress we've made" in improving the quality of air and water and in reducing chemical use by farmers. But she cautioned against complacency and challenged government and industry to meet unsolved problems that remain: "40 percent of our rivers, lakes and streams are still not suitable for fishing or swimming; 30 million people get their drinking water from systems that violated public health standards in 1994; in Milwaukee 100 died and thousands fell ill from contaminated water; two in five persons still live in areas where the air is dangerous to breathe; one in four Americans still lives within four miles of a toxic dump site." Expressing concern over possible weakening of the Clean Air Act and other environmental laws, she sent a message to Congress: "These public health protections should not be casually swept away without involving the American people in the debate." The National Press Club Record Volume XLV, No. 17, May 4, 1995. National Press Club Record , Volume XLV, No.17. May 4, 1995.

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