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Can he persuade America to look beyond the U.S. Senate for its next president? Lamar Alexander, former governor of Tennessee, believes it can be done. Alexander, introduced to an NPC luncheon April 20 , 1995 as an "outsider who wants to get inside the White House," said his accomplishments as a two-term GOP governor who "balanced eight budgets" make him a viable candidate. Alexander said as president he would give "growth, freedom and personal responsibility" highest priority. He also would endorse a "six- month citizen Congress," with the legislators spending the rest of the year back in their states. Alexander noted that the next president will be sitting in the White House on the first day of the year 2000. "I would like to be that president." He gave President Bud Karmin of NPC one of his campaign trademarks, a checkered flannel shirt. The National Press Club Record Volume XLV, No. 16, April 27, 1995.

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