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"I wanted this platform at the National Press Club," Jerry Lewis told the April 17, 1995 luncheon audience, "because I wanted to say to the press that I need you as much as you need me. The angry man isn't there anymore." Referring to his legendary displeasure with the news media, the youthful comedian --- 69 years old and a svelte 166 pounds --- said it was only "two to six percent" who didn't do their homework or weren't true journalists. Although the problem he referred to was misquotation, he has never been "generically" opposed to the press. He cited his meaningful relationship with Edward R. Murrow and said that he wished Walter Cronkite was his father. NPC President Bud Karmin distinguished himself by playing the hilarious, stolid straight man to the ageless comic. Lewis said the following: He is having the time of his life and is now becoming a role model for men who are considering retiring at 55. His break with Dean Martin, which he never discusses, was because Dean was too tall. And on a Washington note, he said he does not get into politics--he already does comedy. The final audience request was to do his impression of Jerry Lewis. His reply: "Coming here as a speaker is free. `Damn Yankees' (his current Broadway show) is three hours away by Metroliner. (There) I'll show you all the Jerry Lewis you want to see."

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