Mickey Kantor

In the post-Cold War world, "trade is central to our foreign policy," superseding strategic and political considerations, U.S. Trade representative Mickey Kantor told a Club Luncheon [delivered March 23, 1995].

"It's the connecting tissue between countries." The Clinton Administration, he said, understands that "we must compete and win in the world economy." Using a chart, Kantor noted that "11 million people are employed in our export market in trade," compared with 6.5 million in 1986. "That's explosive growth," he said. Kantor said the Clinton Administration had negotiated 74 trade agreements in 24 months, including the North American Free Trade Agreement. He called NAFTA "a rousing success in its first year...despite what has happened in Mexico in the last three months." Kantor added that negotiations are now well under way for Chile to join NAFTA. Kantor emphasized the importance of eliminating barriers to global trade. "We must all play by the same rules," he said. Japan, in particular, is realizing that it must end barriers to foreign competitive goods, he said. "Its market is not open, and that can't be debated." Kantor was optimistic that these barriers will be ended by trade negotiations now being held. The National Press Club Record Volume XLV, No. 12. March 30, 1995.

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