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Campaigning for a strong crime bill, Sen. Bill Bradley (D-NJ) told an NPC luncheon audience on May 11, 1995 that TV viewers can help roll back the national plague of violence by writing a protest to each board member of any company which profits from sponsoring mayhem on television. Copies of the same letters should also go, he said, to the local newspapers where board members live, impelling them to choose "between right and wrong" without a need for censorship. More shelters for battered women are also needed, the Senator said, so that another source of violence can be defeated: the husband who treats his home not just as his "castle" but also as a "torture chamber". Asked if drug legalization could help, the Senator rejected the proposal as "an admission of defeat". It was the Senator's seventh NPC speech, making him eligible for another souvenir NPC coffee mug which he declined, pointing out wryly that the Senate has rigid new rules on gifts and "I assume this has some value." The National Press Club Record May 18, 1995.

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