IMS: Alejandro Junco, Prominent Mexican Publisher, National Press Club

Alejandro Junco, Prominent Mexican Publisher

Alejandro Junco, the publisher of the Mexican newspaper El Norte, fought four successive administrations for the right to publish objective news, suffering supplies of newsprint being cut off, his family and staff harassed, and ultimately spending time in exile. Juno is president of the InterAmerican Press Association and has been a tireless advocate for press freedom in Latin America.

In this address, he talks about the key role of the information revolution in promoting the political revolutions we have seen over the last few years. He speaks eloquently about the inability of modern governments to sustain "political power based on the ignorance of the people." Junco also argues strongly for the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by the U.S. as crucial to the economy and political stability of Mexico.

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