IMS: Senator Bob Dole, National Press Club

Senator Bob Dole

Senator Bob Dole from Kansas, leader of the Republican party in the U.S. Senate, is known for his acerbic, dogmatic pursuit of the opposition. Senator Dole appeared at the Press Club the day after the Dalai Lama, leading to many remarks about the difference in style between the two speakers.

In this National Press Club luncheon, Senator Dole discusses the performance of the Clinton administration during its first 100 days. Dole discusses the recent filibuster by Senate Republicans against the administration economic package, as well as U.S. foreign policy issues such as the U.S. use of force in Eastern Europe.

It is with some pleasure that we ask our listeners to note that when Clayton Boyce, President of the National Press Club, introduces his speaker he welcomes "members and their guests and those of you viewing on C-SPAN and listening on National Public Radio and the global Internet computer network."

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