Interface Yourself

SoundBytes are meant to be added into your user environment to bring that tired old work environment to life! Use this data and your job will become fun and meaningful, days will slip by in an exciting rush of productivity, and people will get a clue.

The simplest thing to do is build a few WWW pages and incorporate SoundBytes into your links. At the Internet Multicasting Service, for example, we hide audio files in unlikely places. You too can do this cheap trick.

If you want more sophisticated, you can build sound into your Windows or other excuse for a windowing system. Instead of the cheesy "tah dah" or duck quacking, use our data to spice up those frequent bug reports.

If you are building batch files, scripts, or other canned procedures, try adding SoundBytes into your application, for error messages or a friendly little greeting.

We're still waiting for somebody bgcolor="#FFFFFF" to burn this into a boot PROM or change the SCSI diagnostics subsystem or make a core dump talk nicely to you while it destroys your data.

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