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Monitor Radio can be heard on your local Public Radio International affiliate, or on satellite at the following times and frequencies. Monitor Radio will soon be available daily on the Internet over the Multicast Backbone.

Satellite Feeds

  • Early Edition is available Weekdays 0900-0959 ET on 64.5 mHz.
  • Mid-Day Edition is available Weekdays from 1300-1359ET, 1400-1459ET, and 1500-1559ET on 64.5 mHz.
  • Daily Edition is available Weekdays from 1700-1759ET, 1800-1859ET, and 1900-1959ET on 64.5 mHz.
  • Weekend Edition is available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays on 64.5 mHz from 0700-0759ET, 0800-0859ET, and 0900-0959ET.
  • Newscast Service is available 7 days per week at :01 - :06 past the hour on 64.5 mHz.

  • Shortwave Feed Schedule

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