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  • Hispanic Heritage of Odessa Performing Troupe, "Aviento Azteca"
  • Grades 5-12
  • Odessa, Texas
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    Hispanic Heritage of Odessa Performing Troupe

    The Hispanic Heritage of Odessa strives to encourage and promote the hispanic agenda in the city of Odessa, Ector County, Texas, through cultural events and the promotion of the efforts by organizations and individuals preserving the hispanic agenda. Its endeavors include the preservation of the hispanic culture and heritage in young people through education in the performing and visual arts.

    Hispanic Heritage of Odessa encourages and promotes the Hispanic culture in the Permian Basin through cultural development programs and activities that enhance the awareness of the hispanic heritage. We encourage participation from citizens of all ages in projects that promote art, history, and pride. The committee has been active for seven years and has produced an annual calendar of events that is scheduled to occur during the national Hispanic Heritage observance month. Our events are rich in cultural awareness and includes celebrating the existence of the following Hispanic groups and agendas:

    Our calendar includes traditional events such as the "Cry of Independence" event ("El Grito de Dolores"), "Cinco de Mayo;" "Dies y Seis de Septiembre" fiestas ("Fiestas Patrias"). Our schedule includes dancing folklorico, singing mariachi music, performing historical skits, and displaying cultural art.

    Aviento Azteca features four singers:

    Viviana Solis

    Viviana Solis is a sophomore at Odessa High School, Odessa, Texas. Viviana was selected the 1995 Poster Girl for the Hispanic Heritage Annual Poster. She is an honors student in the bilingual program at Odessa High School. She performs with the Pepe Franco Mariachi Band and has received awards for her performance in local talent competitions. She has performed live, on-stage with Fandango and other professional groups during their concerts. She has won numerous talent competitions, placing second in the Tejano Music Pageant for young girls.

    Brandi Nicole Molinar

    Brandi Nicole Molinar is a 12 year old and began singing at the age of 7. She is enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program at Ireland Elementary and has received numerous academic awards in their Honors Program and will participate in the Advanced Academic program at the Jr. High Level. She has received special recognition for her high TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills) scores in two consecutive years. She has been selected to participate in the Top Talent presentation for the area and placed in the top 3 for traditional singing competition out of a field of 40 contestants. She is a squad leader for the cheerleading team at her school.


    Rebecca Guerrero

    Rebecca Guerrero is the granddaughter of Mr. Sal Guerrero, a highly decorated veteran. She has done modeling and singing since the age of 7. A current eighth grader, Rebecca is 13 years old and has been selected to try out for movie productions.

    Awards and Recognitions:

    Nidia Selina Rocha

    Nidia Selina Rocha is 17 years old and is currently a Junior at Odessa High School, Odessa, Texas. She is an honors student and will graduate with an advanced diploma next year. She has been a member of both the school and the church choir. She has studied guitar, flute, violin and drama and has participated in the ECISD Mariachi Band. She has studied under Mrs. Maria Mutis, a renowned orchestra director and has received a #1 UIL rating for her flute in the district band competition. She excels both in History and English and aspires to be a business major with focus on the international market. She has danced traditional numbers since 1st grade and is now concentrating on singing and recording traditional mariachi ballads.

    Awards and Recognitions:

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