[World Wide Cobweb]

"I won't slave for beggars pay.
Likewise, gold and jewels.
But I would slave to learn the way
To sink your ship of fools."
Ship of Fools
The Grateful Dead

The information you are accessing is archival and is no longer available online. This site was constructed by the Internet Multicasting Service, one of the original "cyberstations" on the World Wide Web. After three years of operation, we finished our work and disbanded on April 1, 1996.

The Internet Multicasting Service would like to thank all of our sponsors over the past few years who made our operations possible. Due to their generosity and vision, these corporations let us push the envelope, bringing new kinds of information onto the Internet. We are grateful for their loyal support.

On a personal note, I'd also like to thank all the people who gave their time and their energy to make IMS a success. A long train of people came through our doors over three years, and it is the dedication and community spirit of these volunteers and employees that made our efforts possible.

Special thanks are due to the three lead members of our creative team, all of whom are available for hire for contract jobs. Brad Burdick of UUCOM was chief engineer, the team of Becknell and Lucas did all of our audio work and constructed many of our best web pages, and Becky and Larry Pranger of Enviromedia were responsible for graphic design on projects such as the Internet 1996 World Exposition. These folks are the best in the business and I've been proud to be associated with them.

Carl Malamud
The Internet Multicasting Service